Support to Tax System Reform Uganda

Dutch Institute for Public Administration / PBLQ

Management, Leadership and Consultancy


Overall project value (EUR)
Range €100.000 till €1.000.000

Proportion carried out by candidate (%)

No of staff provided

Name of client
Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Origin of funding

Dates (start/end)
January 2015 - ongoing for 33 months after start date

Detailed description of project
Support to the Tax Reform Project at the Uganda Revenue Authority for the implementation of the Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence project. The project seeks to enhance compliance through the use of integrated data, extracted from the various internal and external business systems. The objective of this all is to derive insights that can be leveraged to drive business decisions.

PBLQ provides a consultant in the role of Independent Quality Assurance. In this role he reviews and provides advice on the time, cost and quality aspects of the Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence implementation versus agreed parameters and best practice.

Besides these general aspects, specific attention is requested for Business Change Management. Part of this is:

  • Qualities assure the Solution Provider's People Change Management Plan to ensure its suitability to URA environment
  • Qualities assure the Solution Provider's Business Change Management plan to ensure its suitability to URA environment and the likelihood of benefits realisation.
  • Interviews with stakeholders and project to get an insight in their experience related to progress and bottle-necks
  • Review of deliverables by the project in general and more specific the ones delivered by the solution provider
  • Feedback session with project management and with the steering committee
  • Discussion about assumed issues in relation to contract management and issue and risk management

Type of services provided
Report on

  • The reviewed deliverables
  • Organisational structure and the performance of the management
  • Budget utilisation
  • Brief description of the feedback session inclusive the lessons learnt during and 
  • Detected risks and issues and how the impact can be mitigated

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