Support to the Government of the Republic of Rwanda regarding the modernisation of the Civil Registry

Dutch Institute for Public Administration / PBLQ

Management, Leadership and Consultancy


Overall project value (EUR) 
Range € 50.000 till € 100.000

Proportion carried out by candidate (%) 

No of staff provided 

Name of client 
National Identification Agency of Rwanda

Origin of funding 
KfW (German Development Bank) 

Dates (start/end) 
November 2016 – January 2017

Detailed description of project 
Support to the Government of Rwanda in their wish to realise a modern Civil Registry environment, of which is part the implementation of a centralised based solution, however with respecting the principles of decentralisation.
The objective is to improve the efficiency of the services delivered in the districts in which the Civil Registry has an important role. The Civil Registry is the source for the official certificates to be given to the citizens of Rwanda. In addition, this register contains the crucial information for statistical analyses in relation to activities of National Planning.
PBLQ provided two consultants to carry out a feasibility study, followed by the terms of reference for an implementation consultancy team.
The major objective of the feasibility study was to assess in how far the implementation of an IT solution for a centralised civil registration, including the required IT infrastructure and the herewith related Change Management can strengthen Rwanda’s Civil registry and Vital Statistics. The introduction of the CRVS should enhance the efficiency, improve public services, reduce costs, decrease falsifications and favour integrity.  The study should uncover strengths and weaknesses of the current operations of the registration and statistical processes.

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