Needs Assesments/ Feasibility Study for Ghana Revenue Authority

Dutch Institute for Public Administration / PBLQ Management and leadership, Training of civil servants Ghana

Management and leadership, Training of civil servants


Overall project value (EUR)
Range till €100.000

Proportion carried out by candidate (%)

No of staff provided

Name of client
Ghana Revenue Authority 

Origin of funding

Dates (start/end)
March 2014 - November 2014

Detailed description of project
This assignment was the follow up on an earlier feasibility study. The character of the assignment was a needs assessment / feasibility study, focused on the by GRA desired facility of an IT training centre. During the assignment the focus changed from a physical training centre to the more conceptual approach how to train GRA's staff in a more effective and efficient way. Based in the approved new scope three areas were detected:

  • Realisation of a fully equipped building for the centralised activities of the IT Training Organisation;
  • Implementation of an organisation to develop organise and execute IT trainings
  • Realisation of a computer based training via a local facilities concept, including the support by coaches.

Type of services provided
These areas are all worked out in Project Initiation Documents (PID). These PIDs contained objective scope, constraints, dependencies, initial project plan and a business case. 

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