About PBLQ

PBLQ, the Dutch Institute for Public Administration, supports public administrations worldwide to excel in public value creation. PBLQ strengthens the core business of the public sector through consultancy, education, research and innovation.

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PBLQ supports public adminis-trations to excel in public value creation

The public sector is in transition. It needs innovation to ensure smarter organisations and more efficient processes to meet today's societal challenges.

We deliver projects, training and independent advice on organisational and process development to enhance the effectiveness of public administrations. We operate on the strategic, tactical and operational level.

PBLQ serves a wide range of organisations in the Dutch and occasionally international public sector. Internationally, PBLQ has extensive experience with projects for multilateral donor organizations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank. We are also contracted directly by national governments, as well as by bilateral funding agencies such as the KfW Development Bank Germany.

PBLQ employs more than 100 professionals who are committed to the advancement of the public sector

Many PBLQ employees are former senior civil servants from the national, provincial or municipal level.

We invest by sharing our experiences and knowledge through seminars, lectures and publications. PBLQ works closely with the academic world and hosts an accredited master's programme, the Master of Public Information Management (in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam).

PBLQ can draw on an extensive international network of partners.

Our services - what we do

Our activities fall within three general topics:

Icoon Digital Government

Digital Government: under this topic, we address issues such as the provision of digital services and adequate information, citizen-centric digital government, leveraging ICT for organisations’ core business, digital infrastructure and digital transformation (e.g. smart cities, Internet of Things).

Icon Governance

Governance: under this topic, we address questions relating to new governance forms such as inter-organisational collaboration, management of public-sector innovation, managing and commissioning of complex ICT projects, including crisis management.

Icon trust

Trust: under this topic, we provide services related to trust issues arising in the information exchange with citizens and business, such as privacy and information security in complex (e.g. inter-organisational) settings, and electronic identities.

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